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Real Retreat at Barefoot Pilates Hove

Withdraw, retire, escape… As the Christmas party season kicks off & we come to the close of 2018 it’s a great time to review our health and fitness status and ensure that we are on course to welcome the New Year at our best

We invite you to a Real Treat Retreat with Barefoot Pilates Hove on Saturday 10th November 2018.

At 10 am Carla Armour would like you to join her for an invigorating and re-centering Living Pilates session when you will rediscover your deepest mind body connections Integrating the Essential Pilates Principles into everyday living within a safe comfortable space. Come prepared to work through essential Pilates exercises to build and understand the Principles applied to the exercises. Encouraging a deeper Personal Awareness of your body. Reset your well-being goals and develop your personal approach to achieving them. Share your thoughts and take notes on creating your own home program. Learn ways to incorporate Pilates Balance and Connections in everyday activities, whether at Home, at Work or at Play.

At 12.30pm I will be giving guide to well-being & longevity. By attaching evidence-based scientific research to concepts old and new, conventional and holistic, I am on a mission to  help you adapt and self-manage your health and longevity.

At 2pm Veronica from DoTERRA will introduce their essential oils and advise how oils can help with back pain, muscle tension and exercise recovery.  There will also be the chance to sample some too.

At 2.30pm Fiona Stewart would like you to join her for a fabulous Winter Feet Treat.  You will start by addressing how our feet can effect our whole posture.  Running through the Classical Pilates Repertoire you will learn how to release tension in the lower back and glutes yourself leading to an improvement in your gait and posture.  During your session you will gain confidence in using props for myofasical and muscle release from your feet up and get to take away to use at home.  Fiona's session leaving you feeling truly grounded, energised and ready for the party season!

Throughout the day you will have an opportunity to sample warming soups and delicious fresh juices from You Juice, cakes and energy balls from Kleen Kitchen.