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Autoimmunity Causes & Solutions Masterclass

  • Royal Society of Medicine Marcus Beck Library, London W1G 0AE UK (map)

This Masterclass for healthcare practitioners, curated by Tanya Borowski, Certified Functional Medicine practitioner and Immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi has been designed to help practitioners master the functional concepts of immune regulation in autoimmune conditions, With a specific focus on thyroid physiology, assessment, and functional clinical applications.

I will take participants up close and personal with our immune system; how it works, where it is built, what it affects, how our childhood + external factors plays a role to its overall health. We will uncover what and how our immune system effects health, our emotions + hormones, our healing and damage repair and so much more. We look at how our food and lifestyle effects our immune system and what simple changes we can make on a daily basis to increase optimal health, alleviate allergies and inflammation.

Key learning objectives:

  • Review the underlying factors to autoimmune inflammation, and how environmental triggers can influence immune tolerance and autoimmunity;

  • Discuss the interaction between LPS - endotoxin and the immune system;

  • Explain the interaction of the gut mucosal system and its role in immune regulation;

  • Discuss the role of T-Reg cells and how they influence the balance of the immune response; and

  • Discuss food and lifestyle advice for clients on modulating the immune system.