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SEMINAR: Be.Nips - Mental Health & Children

In September I am planning to head to this Be.Nips Seminar in Brighton.

The seminar will feature speakers discussing mental health in relation to children, with the aim to start discussions and support those who want to improve their knowledge of mental health, no matter what their background. 

Speakers include Sally Bunkham - founder of Mum's Back, Josh Connolly - NACOA speaker and mental health advocate, Hannah-Jayne Smith - mental health speaker, Lucinda Miller - Founder of Nature Doc, Jacob Bayliss - YMCA Right Here Project engagement and participation coordinator, Kerstyn Comley - cofounder of mental health app and handbook Mee Two, Grassroots Suicide Prevention Charity, Robin Banerjee - lecturer at Sussex University, Mosaic Films, Sofie Petts-Sabine - Founder of Sofie Shut Eye, Lush Tums Yoga and Safety Netchildren's charity.

For each seminar NIPS release a new booklet, a resource containing an array of interviews, articles and guides.  I have contributed an article on diet, microbiome & kids mental a health to the Brighton Be.Nips Booklet along with Registered Dietitian Louise Symington.  The Booklet will also be able to download after the event.