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Women in Fitness Summit 2019 with Joslyn Thompson Rule

The Women in Fitness Summit 2019 is here. The event will be held over two days – the first for fitness industry professionals and the second for fitness enthusiasts. I will be giving a talk on Day 2.

It’s not enough today to work your passion, loving training will ill-equip you for the competitive industry of fitness. The business of fitness requires you to be very clear on who you are and what you bring to the industry. Success first requires overcoming fear; then welcoming a relationship with failure, our greatest teacher. There’s room for each and every one of us to thrive in this industry, bringing our own unique talent and passion to fitness and wellbeing – let’s figure out the how?


29-30th June; 10am-4pm;


@canarywharflondon in the stunning oasis that is The Roof Garden, East Side, Crossrail Place, London, E14 5AR


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