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Scientists have long been curious to uncover the dietary secrets of the world’s longest lived people from the so-called Blue Zones of the globe  But while longevity is not attributable to specific foods, rather traditional ways of cooking & eating with meals focussed on fibre & phytonutrients. But in today’s ever-accelerating pace of life, relentless stress, pollution, circadian disruption & no time to cook, we can easily over consume a calorie rich nutrient poor diet. It’s no wonder our immune systems are in turmoil.  We may be living longer, but unlike the Blue Zones, at what cost?

I grew up farm-to-table in rural Scotland eating a traditional diet with a mother who was a trained cook. Now a mother with a hybrid Scottish-Italian family, I am a perpetual culinary experimenter. I love to cook from scratch using delicious local & seasonal ingredients.  As a busy mum, time isn’t always on my side. By attaching fresh, real & rigorous scientific research with concepts old & new, holistic & conventional, I’ve developed an arsenal of recipes & rituals inspired by tradition, designed with the science in mind to maximise health & help you adapt & self manage your longevity




Nutritional Recipes & Rituals for promoting healthy immunity