Magnesium Micronutrient Smoothie

Magnesium Micronutrient Smoothie Mix

Magnesium Micronutrient Smoothie Mix

I’m not such a huge lover of liquidised foods but occasionally a smoothie can be a nice way to start your day and an efficient way to get a lot of micronutrients in one go.  For me its gotta be satiating and not leave me feeling hungry a few hours later.  Here are my top ingredients for a magnesium and micronutrient rich smoothie.  With all my smoothie recipes, the point is not to be prescriptive but inspire a variety of nutrient inclusion balanced with taste and availability preferences.

Micronutrient smoothie

Leafy greens

This can be anything you happen to have in and greens should be a basis of any smoothie. My favourites are kale, rainbow chard, and spinach.   Common to all leafy greens is the fact that they are rich in magnesium, which is at the centre of the chlorophyll molecule responsible for the green colour.  Why is magnesium important? Its estimated that 45% of us are deficient and since magnesium plays a role in over 300 different chemical reaction in the body, including generation of energy currency of our cells ATP and protection from oxidative and inflammatory stress.  No question magnesium is vital for our daily health and wellbeing.  If you have read my section on nutrient partitioning, you will know why being deficient in a nutrient so key to so many reactions, forces our body to choose between meeting immediate energetic needs and other viral functions such as protecting ourselves from oxidative damage.

Colourful carotenoids

Throw in a carrot and tomato to get some of those yellow, orange and red pigments produced by plants which confer them their high anti-oxidant capacity due to their unique structures.  Some such as beta-carotene can also be converted to vitamin A, highly utilised by our immune system to promote regulation such as generation of Treg cells.

Freshen up with Fruit

As well as adding a palatable sweetness, fruits also tend to be high in flavonoids which are also zenobiotics – activating phase 2 detoxification to lower inflammation in the body.  Throw in whatever you have in the fruit bowl.  I love crunchy apples.

Mononsaturated fats

Avocadoes or a squeeze of extra virgin olive oil will provide enough fats to optimise the bioavailability of many of the nutrients in the smoothie & helps to give it a good consistency.  Avos also give a great source of potassium to meet your RDA.

Throw in some ice and drink with a reusable copper straw -  a great way to increase exposure to this micronutrient!