Immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi specialises in understanding how nutrition & lifestyle interact with the immune system in health & disease.  A strong advocate of preventative medicine, she is on a mission to break down the immunological science behind our health and cultivate long-term health & wellbeing through lifestyle approaches that focus on simple ways to help you adapt & self-manage in the face of modern life's daily challenges.  By attaching fresh, real & rigorous scientific research with concepts old & new, holistic & conventional, she engineers recipes & rituals that lay the foundation for health, bringing the science down to simple measures.  

Gaining her BSc. Immunology at the University of Glasgow (1999), she holds a PhD from the Faculty of Inflammation, Repair & Development at Imperial College London  specialising in allergy, chronic inflammation and resolution (2005).   Jenna has also held positions in infectious disease at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine & worked in Biotech specialising in clinical retraining of immunological tolerance using oral  immunotherapy.  In 2009, Jenna was awarded a prestigious Presidential Fellowship to combine her personal interests in nutrition with study of the the immune system including metabolic endotoxemia, post-prandial gut permeability, diet regimens & use of pre/probiotics.   

Currently a lecturer at the University of Sussex, Jenna teaches undergraduate & postgraduate immunology to medical, pharmacy & biomedical sciences students.   Her research focus remains on understanding the role of nutrition & lifestyle on immunity.  Jenna is also an Editor at the Scientific Journal Annals of Advanced Biomedical Sciences & a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  She has a popular Instagram account & is a regular contributor to print & online media and enjoys public engagement & consultancy.  

A Brighton-based & mother of twins, Jenna is a perpetual culinary experimenter who loves to cook from scratch using delicious local & seasonal ingredients. Growing up farm-to-table in rural Scotland, cooking has always been a big part of her life & nurtured her appreciation of food as the foundation of longevity & health.  With a passion for movement, she is also a trained fitness instructor focusing on pre- & post-natal women's fitness. 


" Modern life can be busy, intense & stressful - not always compatible with taking care of our long-term health. Today, I am a mum to twins with a full-time job & a bunch of projects that keep me excited about the art & science of how to be well. I've fused my passion for immunology with my farm-to-table heritage to create day-to-day rituals & routines that help you adapt & self-manage, cultivating long term health & wellbeing."